Primary Work

  • Managed customized fork of Unity High Definition Render Pipeline from pre-production to ship
  • Full tonemapping rebuild, adding support for a common pathway for both SDR and HDR rendering and UI support
  • Custom global illumination baking and rendering system based on octahedral encoded irradiance and depth probes
  • Integrated analytic capsule shadows into render pipeline
  • “Flowing” water and oil decal system to support gameplay feature
  • Procedural weather overlay for both environments and characters
  • Custom scatter instancing system for ground cover objects
  • Visibility system for fading environment geometry
  • Xbox specific graphics optimization including ensuring custom rendering code effectively used async compute
  • Responsible for all lighting and custom rendering for the entire project
Developed By

Harebrained Schemes

Published By

Paradox Interactive

Release Date

October, 2023


PC, Xbox Series, Verified on Steamdeck


Unity 2021