Primary Work

  • Replaced Unity lighting system with a custom cluster based solution
  • Developed a custom frustrum aligned voxel fog system
  • Improved deferred decal solution
  • Custom physically based sky rendering system, capable of handling non-Earth planets
  • Built a mood system to aggregate all lighting and post processing settings for the world, dynamically applied per level instance
  • Custom shaders for terrain, vegetation, mechs and human characters
  • Tessellation based particle shading for efficient lighting and shadowing of visual effects
  • Procedural terrain and space perspective atmosphere
  • Space animation and simgame camera control system and execution
  • Responsible for all lighting and custom rendering and shaders for the entire project
Developed By

Harebrained Schemes

Published By

Paradox Interactive

Release Date

April, 2018


PC, Mac, Linux


Unity 5.6/2018