Developed by Harebrained Schemes

Published by Namco Bandai

Platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4

Release date: July, 2016

My Work

Necropolis is a roguelike 3rd person action game with an ever changing procedural world and the first title I worked on using Unity. It was here that I really delved back into technical art, finding ways to alter and augment the Unity built in render pipeline to achieve the stylized art direction chosen for the game. This included building a custom lighting engine on top of Unity’s existing one, based on rasterizing light geometry and building a suite of custom PBR-like celshaded shaders. I also implemented a custom deferred decal system that also included an SDF text rendering system.

In addition to this render work, I also created a “mood” system that allowed us to dynamically change lighting and color depending on random factors and what level of the world you were in. This affected changes on materials, the skybox, lighting and VFX as well as the post process color grading to create visual variety during play and between play sessions. In concert with the art director, I was also responsible for implementing and polishing these lighting settings. I was also heavily involved in all of our efforts to hit our performance targets in our unpredictable game world.

I was the primary contributor to all lighting, shader and rendering systems work on all content on this page.

Character Shading

Lighting Variations